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Dear Subscribers,

DNSdyanmic has been proud to provide DNS services free of charge to the
Internet community at large for the last 7 years. But alas, all good
things must come to an end. Due to time and budget constraints, I've
decided to cease and desist all services on 10/01/2018.

Please take any necessary actions prior to this date to migrate your
services to another provider.

Here's a short list of dynamic DNS providers that provide similar
services. (A google search will provide a much more enumerative list)

  • No-IP
  • ChangeIP

    Thank you for your support and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

      WinDNSdynamic is our free Microsoft Windows client. It is currently considered Beta software.

      It requires the .NET Framework version 2.0 or greater to work on Windows XP.

      There are no additional requirements to run on Windows Vista or Windows 7.


      NOTE: you may specify multiple domains in the WinDNSdynamic client by seperating them using a comma;,

      WinDNSdynamic is available to download from here.

      Size: 36864 bytes
      MD5: f39c0635458930b5f6ddcbfa385991fd
      SHA1: e7cddabfbed1ba11954bef7563b70acd0a564327

      If you have any feedback regarding WinDNSdynamic please contact us.